How to Fix Patchy Beard Easily?

Most of us face the problem of patchy beard. This is not something which you should worry about as it is normal and there is a solution to fix it.

First let me tell you, the right age to grow the beard is 17 to 25, but exceptions are there. So, don’t expect full beard if you are underage as this is totally normal.

Today I am going to tell you how you can fix patchy beard using some simple ways?

Nothing is impossible in this world. So, to fix your patchy beard you must change your habits little bit.

How to Fix Patchy Beard Naturally?

There are many ways to get rid of this problem, but here I will mention some of the proven ways.

1. Comb Regularly

Just like hairs our beard also need the proper cure. Combing the beard regularly increases the blood supply which in turn increase the growth of hairs which fills the patches.

2. Let Beard Grow

I was also one of those which say that shaving increases the beard growth and fills the patches, but this is totally wrong. As there is no proven study. So, let your beard grow.

  • Above-Mentioned are the things which we have heard million times. Now I am going to tell you 3 Proven Home Remedies which are very effective in filling patchy beard.

Let’s discuss them step by step.

3. Castor Oil Massage

This is not only good for your hairs but also helps in growing beard. If you have hair loss problem, use it regularly and you will see the results yourself.

Massage this oil daily 5 to 10 minutes in your beard region. After the massage, leave it for an hour and then rinse it with mild water. Do this daily and you will see the results in a month.

If you find it difficult to buy castor oil, you can buy it using the given link.
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4. Onion Juice Massage

We all know how beneficial onion juice is when it comes to fixing hair loss. Similarly, this is also a solution for a patchy beard.

A Tip: Before applying onion juice on your beard region test it on a small part to see if your skin is allergic to it or not.

If your skin does not show any reaction you can use it without any risk. It will help a lot in beard growth and fill the patches. This is my personal tested method.

5. Coconut Oil Massage

Coconut oil is also very effective in fixing the patchy beard. Take some on your palm and rub it to make it warm and then you can easily apply. This increases the blood supply in your beard region and also makes the hairs stronger and help a lot in growing new hairs.

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