HealthTippsHub Inc, Privacy Policy

We as an owner of Healthtippshub respect the privacy of our visitors and we do not share anything which we collect from you with anyone. Leaking Out the personal information of our users is against our policy. But we reserve the right, to use this information to contact you. Do not worry this contact will be the reply to your inquiries and not the promotional contact. Read, to learn more about our privacy policy.

Collection and Use

We only collect your name and email address when you want to Sign Up for a Newsletter, Contact Us or reply through comments. In some cases, we may collect your date of birth, gender, marital status, Zip/City, Country, but this is very rare. We use the collected information just to send you Newsletter and to send replies to your inquiries.

Like all other sites on the web, we collect some information from everyone automatically and this is totally Legal. For Example, we collect IP Addresses, Internet Service Provider (ISP), type of Browser with which you are browsing, operating system, date/time and similar things. But trust us, this is not going to provide any kind of harm to your security.


In some cases, HealthTippsHub is authorized to disclose the information when it is required by public authorities and when there is a national security concern. We are also authorized to disclose the information when there is an illegal or fraudulent activity is involved.

Changes to our Policy!

Whenever in future we update our privacy policy we notify you by email. This is our duty to keep you updated with any changes we made to our privacy policy. As a visitor, you could also visit this page time to time to check, if we have made any changes (not compulsory).


Your security is our first priority and it is important to us. We follow general standards to keep the personal information submitted to us. For any questions regarding your security, you can contact us anytime.

Contact Us

If you have any question, regardless of the topic you can contact us using the contact page.