Some of the Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Plastic surgery is very common among the celebrities. Due to the advancement in the medical field, the success rate of plastic surgery is very high. But in some cases, the plastic surgery gone wrong and has ruined the careers of celebrities and lots of people.

Why People go for Plastic Surgery?

Some people think that they are not good looking. That’s why they take the benefit of plastic surgery to enhance their beauty. As we all know that Michael Jackson has gone through many surgeries to improve his face cut. Similarly, people and celebrities do it to increase their beauty.

Why Sometime Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

First of all, we should know that Doctors are also human and humans are not perfect.

Sometimes the patient skin gets allergic or does not accept the material which is applied on his part and that is how the plastic surgery gone wrong.

Reasons why shouldn’t you go for a plastic surgery

  1. It’s Costly
  2. It’s Risky
  3. It could be addictive

Celebrities whose Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

First of all, I want to show you 2 to 3 pictures of Bollywood actresses whose plastic surgery fails.

1. Vaani Kapoor 

plastic surgery gone wrong


2. Anushka Sharma

plastic surgery gone wrong

3. Rakhi Sawant

plastic surgery gone wrong

Now I will show you a list of most famous celebrities from all over the world who have gone for the plastic surgery and ruined their careers. This will give you an overview why shouldn’t you go for it.

This is a list of most famous celebrities who ruined their life with plastic surgery.


We are the creation of God and God has made us very beautiful. So, in my opinion, we should not go for such type of plastic surgeries. We should always be thankful to God that he made us perfect. We should look for those who are born crippled and always remain thankful to our creator. But if you still want to go for it then you should keep in mind that Plastic surgery could be gone wrong.

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