10 Ways to Improve Eyesight Naturally | Have Better Vision

Have a bad vision and want to improve eyesight naturally then you are in the perfect place.

The ways that you are going to learn are completely safe and have no side effects. Along with regular checkups, these ways are also going to help you achieve better vision.

Before I explain how to improve eyesight, I want to tell you the causes of bad visibility/vision.

The things which can affect your vision are:

  • Computer
  • Television
  • Mobile Phone
  • Depression
  • Lack of sleep
  • Unhealthy food

improve eyesight naturally

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally and Fast?

Let’s begin improving your eyesight with home remedies.

1. Eat Vegetables

Green vegetables are very crucial in improving your eyesight naturally at home. You have to increase the use of vegetables in your daily life. Eat as much salad as you can. It’s all about the vitamins which they contain.

Increase the use of the following foods:

  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Red Peppers

2. Avoid using Phones in Dark

This is very dangerous for your eyes if you use your mobile phones, laptops, and computers in dark. This can not only decrease your vision but in some cases also causes blindness.

Avoid as much as possible the use of such devices in the dark especially when you are in bed and have switched off the light.

3. Eat Fennel Seeds

This is one of the oldest and most promising methods to improve eyesight naturally and fast. Even if your eyesight is perfect it is recommended to eat fennel seeds daily. They keep your eyes healthy and your eyesight perfect.

4. Bring Tears in Eyes

When we are a child, we cry and bring tears to our eyes but when we grow up and become adults we do not weep or weep very less. So it is recommended to bring tears to your eyes to make your eyes clear from dust. Bringing tears once a week is a good practice to keep your eyes clean and healthy.

5. Relax your Eyes

Do not put too much burden on your eyes by sitting for hours in front of computers or by reading something too long. It is a good practice that you do not concentrate on anything more than 1 hour. After an hour must take a break of 15 minutes to keep your eyes healthy. Doing so will keep your eye muscles relaxed.

6. Put Cucumber on your Eyes

Many physicians recommend that you keep the slices of cucumber once a week on your eyes. This keeps your eyes fresh and healthy. As you have seen that many beauticians do this with their customers, so the eyes look fresh and good. It is also effective in removing the dark circles from your eyes.

7. Eat Currant and Almond

This is a very effective method for improving vision fast. You have to take an almost equal amount of currant and almond (8 pieces each), and then put them in a glass of water. Keep this all night in water. And when you wake up in the morning eat it without eating anything else (admiring face). Repeat the process daily and you will see a great improvement in your eyesight after a week.

8. Sleep Well

Sleep plays a vital role in our health. If we sleep well (minimum 6-8 hours daily) then we will remain healthy and increase our power of resistance and it also plays an important role in maintaining our vision.

9. Take Vitamins and Minerals

Don’t underestimate the power of vitamins and minerals, they are very beneficial in improving eyesight.

Vitamin A, C, and E and similarly mineral zinc contain antioxidant properties which help in increasing the eyesight. They basically prevent the macular degeneration. (1)

The macula is a part of the eye which controls the central vision.

10. Stare at Green Leaves

Most of the experts say that staring at green leaves daily 10 to 15 minutes helps in improving the eyesight. The logic behind this is, those who have studied or are studying biology know that green plants absorb only 1 to 2 percent of the sunlight and the rest of the light is reflected. So when we stare at the leaves on the day the reflected light comes into our eyes which could help in improving the vision.

In order to stare green leaves, you have to go closer to them and in the proper sunlight.


Apply these useful methods to improve eyesight naturally and to keep your eyes healthy and fresh. All the methods are natural and 100% safe. So apply them without any risk.

About the Author:

I am a medical student and in this blog, I provide genuine and quality health tips which you can trust. All the medical and health advice on this blog is genuine and you can apply it without any risk.

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