31 Depression Memes That People with Depression Can Relate To

Depression memes are increasingly becoming popular nowadays as people want to learn more about how it’s like to when someone is suffering from depression.

That is why in this article I have gathered for you some funny and serious depression memes which have become increasingly popular over a period of last few years.

Just for your information: According to WHO, 300 million people all over the world have depression. Some have a minor form of it and some have an acute form of depression.

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Depression Memes Texts

1) When you stop caring about the others because you don’t want them to use you but now you can’t care about anyone because you know what you have lost.

2) Sometimes my friends don’t stand by me, but I won’t complain to them. I know friendship is all about giving and expecting nothing in return.

3) I knew why the rain was my best friend. It was there for me the first time I cried for having no friends.

4) When you take out that people, used to make the most fun of, thinking you don’t care about them anymore.

5) I know I can run fast, but” my problems” are always faster than me.

6) My mom sends me to school where I meet a pedophile, she gives me better reasons to die.

7) When you are about to text your girlfriend that you will die, but you don’t do it thinking even she won’t care.

8) When you pull off that big smile because your best friend forgot your birthday but inside you are so broken because you mean nothing to them.

9) The last thing on the earth you would want to hear in public. “are you ok?”

10) There’s a reason why I don’t talk too much. There’s so much inside me that you wouldn’t be able to listen.

11) When you put your kid to sleep thinking even he will have to die one day.

12) Nothing is impossible in this world, just keep trying.

13) When people call you for a Halloween party and you know you don’t even need a theme to go for it.

14) When someone turns on the light of your dark room and you think even they don’t want the darkness to be friends with you.

15) I love my haters because they have a reason to hate me, in my case there’s none.

16) I have read the digits over my calculator’s screen more than the verses in the bible.

17) I love my voice recorder because life makes me use it ever so often.

18) Never Quit, this is not the solution to your problems.

19) I named myself “pain” so they couldn’t give me any more of it.

20) I take my mental health so casually that even my parents have stopped caring about it.

21) Sometimes we have to face the problems alone, but this does not mean we are alone.

22) When you are so depressed that your friends won’t even choose you for a not to laugh challenge.

23) My father knew why we needed plants in life when it becomes a tree you know how you will use it.

24) When people think that being sad is attention seeking and you can’t even scream to say No because it draws attention.

25) If money was the pain I could have been the richest man on the planet.

26)  I know each cigarette takes away 11 minutes of my life. But, who cares!


I hope that you have found these funny and serious depression memes interesting. I want to conclude this article by saying that one should not take depression lightly as it could ruin your life.

So, if you are suffering from depression then it is highly recommended that you take the proper measures to treat it before it goes into the next stage of it.

Author: Usama Azam

Usama Azam is a 1st-year medical student and a professional blogger. He writes on natural treatments about health and medical conditions. To know more about him visit About page.

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