What is Blood Pressure and How to Control it?

I will start the discussion of the topic Blood Pressure with its definition. But let me tell you, this will be a detailed article with simple home remedies to control it instantly.


The force exerted by the blood on blood vessels is called Blood Pressure. When the heart pumps the blood in the arteries, it actually creates a pressure so blood flows all over our body and we call it Pressure of the Blood.

What are the types of Blood Pressure

There are actually 2 types

  • Systolic ( High )
  • Diastolic ( Low )


I will discuss these 2 types in detail.

Systolic Pressure

As mentioned above it is the high pressure. It ranges in a normal individual between 110-130. If it goes above it then it creates a disease of High Blood Pressure.

Diastolic Pressure

It is a low blood pressure. It ranges in a normal human being between 75-85. If it goes below it then it creates a disease called Low Blood Pressure.


I hope now you have an overview of it. Now, I will discuss how to control it with some of the natural methods.

How to Control Blood Pressure?

First let me tell you there are many medicines available in the market but in this article, I am not going to discuss them. I will tell you some of the natural home remedies to treat it.

Control Systolic Pressure ( High )

If your pressure is high then you have to eat something cold. It reduces the pressure of blood in the vessels. It is advised that you eat ice cream, drink cold water or milk. This will give instant control. And also you have to avoid the tension and anger.

Control Diastolic Pressure ( Low )

To control it, you have to eat or drink something salty. It occurs due to the low level of salt in our body. So it is highly advisable that to control it instantly you have to drink water by adding some salt to it.

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