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I’m Usama Azam the founder of HealthTippsHub. I’m a medical student (MD) and have created this blog to share my health and medical knowledge with you for your better health.

I am a first-year medical student of; Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

My Motto is:

Health is Wealth

All the information which I’m providing in this blog is genuine and you can definitely trust it. All the health and medical tips are those which I’m learning or have learned in my medical career.

I hope that my tips help you achieve better health. I’ll make sure that I provide you with quality and genuine information from my profession. Keep in touch with this blog to stay healthy, fit and happy.

My Expertise!

  • I’m a medical student (MD)
  • I’m a professional blogger (since 2014)

A Quick Disclaimer!

Although all the information on this blog is genuine and I try to give you the best risk-free solutions, consultation with the doctor is necessary because only he can guide you well according to your condition by seeing your medical reports.

Feel free to contact me for any queries or suggestions!