About Us Page

Usama Azam is a medical student and has created this blog to share health and medical knowledge with you for a better health.

My Motto is:

Health is Wealth

All the information which I’m providing in this blog is genuine and you can trust it. All the health and medical tips are those which I’m learning or have learned in my medical career.

Not only this but I’m also sharing the natural remedies as well to gain maximum benefits without any side effects.

I’ve also worked about half a year with doctors and nurses and have gained tons of experience in this field. My Parents belong to this profession as well and if I need some advice I ask them too before sharing any information on this blog.

Final Words!

I hope that my advice and tips help you achieve better health. I’ll make sure that I provide you with quality and genuine information from my profession. Keep in touch with this blog to stay healthy, fit and happy.

You can also contact me for any medical or health advice.

I also want to share with you that my blog has been featured on some of the high authority sites, called Reader’s Digest which shows the authoritativeness and credibility of my Blog and content.